Bookcases…The Last Frontier

Maybe it’s just me, but has everyone gone Kindle, Nook, iPad on us!?

While I am all for technological advances and changes, I still am unable to figure out what was so awful about reading text from a book.

Now those of you who subscribe or read your newspapers online, I get that. THAT makes sense. Simply because the news has to be current for it to matter. That is why those tickers that scroll at the bottom of some channels are important.

Yet, I don’t understand E-books.

To me, these electronic reading devices are similar to watching a movie in wide-screen verses the formatted to fit your TV version. Have you seen the comparisons? Have you noticed the details the director wanted you to see, but were cut off in the formatted version?


#1 a book smells so good! Old or new. It’s like buying a car, old smell or new smell.

#2 some books have those choppy edges, usually it matches the books theme/topic/setting.

#3 the importance of the illustrator or photo on cover. Personally I often find new authors by selecting a cover I find appealing.

I’ve heard the argument that books are hard to travel with and that is what makes Kindle or the Nook valuable. I say, how many books are you possibly taking on vacation?!?! Are you camping out in a tent with a flashlight during a snowstorm? When will you read them all?

Have we become so lazy and weak we cannot handle a three-pound book?

I saw a commercial the other day for one of them and it showed a parent reading to their child from it. Come on?!? Really. Might as well just hand them a Leap Pad at bedtime! (I do find Leap Pad to be useful. But you still should take the time to read your kids).

Books are much like art, and some books are meant for keeping, collecting dust on the bookcase. Hand me down books from parents and grandparents.

Are all the E-book readers handing down their Kindles to their grandchildren? Where is the cherished memory with those?

It is not the writer in me that is questioning these devises, but a concerned person regarding everyone’s eyesight. For the millions of us that use a computer everyday, reading from those devices in addition can become an issue. There is no break. Work – computer. Home – TV. Nighttime – E-book.

So what will happen to all those bookcases? Will one day a bookcase become like that classic car that hides under the cover in the garage?

Like Brick said on The Middle in last night’s episode, “I like to feel paper in my hand.” (Of course he then discovered the internet…)

Personally, I wouldn’t want to examine the germs of those E-readers who make it into the bathroom…then back out…


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