Compliments and Condiments

When I was little my father took me to fast food places. I used to see signs on the drive-thru windows that read: “Condiments Upon Request.” I thought it read: “Compliments Upon Request.” So logically, I thought, so that’s where I can come to get some compliments! All I have to do is ask for a compliment and they give you them, right through the window!

Once I gained more reading skills I was disappointed that they meant ketchup and mustard.

As a child, once I got over the whole drive-thru misconception, I was not all that great at receiving compliments in general. Someone would say “Don’t you look pretty in that dress!” I would blush uncontrollably and come back with, “No, I think it makes me look fat, but thank you,” instead of just a simple, “thank you.”

I continued to struggle with positive comments and complements from people for much of my childhood and even now as a adult. Always throwing back a negative comment because I truly felt that being humble and not stuck up meant you never accepted compliments without a negative spin on them. Like saying “thank you” meant “Yeah I know I totally rock!”

My good friends know I still do this! They say something nice and I have to contradict it. And I still do it so I don’t feel stuck up or even so that they will come back with a “no really, I’m serious.” Cause I always think a complement is a lie on their end. One of those “doing it because they feel they have to” or because it’s the “nice” thing to do.

I’m not sure why I think that, as when I give someone a compliment I mean it! I love giving people compliments! I feel better “lifting someone up” than anything else! I guess I’ve got it backwards some place. Give but can’t receive….

Regardless, I’m still trying to work on properly receiving compliments…I think it ties into all that self-esteem crap I have trouble managing as well.

I think we all need complements as well as condiments! Really! Both are important. I know because I tried to enjoy some onion rings just this last weekend and had no ketchup!! It just wasn’t the same 😉


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