Dear Costco

Dear Costco,

Thanks for sending out another coupon book. I see you provided me with a coupon for your 30 count of Skittles/Starburst variety pack and noticed it includes Lifesaver Gummies. Apparently you have yet again, under estimated my lack of willpower. LIFESAVER GUMMIES!!! 🙂 🙂

Good call on the frozen pizza coupons (this brand actually made it into Fitness magazine!)

Bad call on the Diet Snapple coupon. Diet anything shouldn’t be given a coupon.

I’m not sure why I need 1,750 Q-tips, but they don’t expire so, why not!

I do see there is no age limit on the coupon for the Ultra Fortress Play System…does this mean I don’t need a child to purchase this wonderful contraption? Also do you also sell overly large trampolines?


I Really Hope I Can’t Find The 30 Count Variety Pack


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