Dear Costco

Dear Costco,

It has been a while since my last letter to you, I’ve been busy. A few days ago I had the pleasure of being in your store, yet I have a complaint. Somehow I ended up with the worst shopping cart in the entire store.

As a petite woman I already look ridiculous in your store of mega size items, most of which I can’t even get a grip on as they slide to the floor. So added to my tiny size, was this awful cart! It didn’t steer where I need it to, then as I piled items into the cart it got worse. As I rounded every corner I made a face, which all the guys in the store either took as A) feel sorry for the petite chick trying to push a cart that is clearly bigger and heavy then her or B) they enjoyed what they thought was a sex face expression.

The worst of it came when I tried adding a 40 pound bag of dog food to the cart, as I shoved my foot behind the wheel to keep the cart from moving, I think I might have pulled something. Then there was a point when I couldn’t get the cart to stop fast enough and nearly took out a nearby child who insisted  he get the 800 pack of chocolate milk and that flailing his arms around would help in the matter. His mom didn’t seem to mind that I almost cart-killed him.

In closing I will say that while I respect your store and your ability to make me buy things in packs of ten, the carts need to be reviewed, take them through some inspections.


What Is With The Mini Size Candy Bars!! That’s Just Rude!


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