Dog Interviews Puppy

Dog here.

So a nice lady by the name of Cheri suggested I interview Puppy. Why? I’m not entirely sure, but I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say because every one lovvvveeeesssss Puppy. Whatever!

So I got out the microphone and set up everything to record. Below you will find the transcript. Please try not to make me puke with “oh how cute is Puppy” comments.

Thanks, Dog

Dog: Okay Puppy, so I’m going to interview you and you just talk into the – no Puppy don’t eat the microphone. Puppy! Gosh dang it! No don’t lick it either, just leave it. Leave it! LEAVE IT!

Puppy: Sorry it looks yummy. Wait, why are you big in the picture and I’m all small and far away?! Are you actually smiling?

Dog: Nevermind the picture. First question Puppy, you enjoy putting an array of objects into your mouth, have you ever considered being a spokes-puppy for Orbit gum?

Puppy: Orbit gum. No, I don’t think gum is on Mommy’s approved food list. Why?

Dog: Dirty mouth! Clean it up with – oh nevermind. Okay next question. How did you master the skill of holding two tennis balls in your mouth and peeing at the same time?

Puppy: I do that?! WOW that’s cool! Does Mommy know I do that?!

Dog: I think Mom knows you do that. Next question. No Puppy, don’t eat the microphone! Leave it! LEAVE IT!

Puppy: Sorry, I forgot.

Dog: Why is it that you bother me so much?

Puppy: I bother you? Really? Nah I’m just wanting you to play with me. You are so uptight. Is it cause you are old?

Dog: I don’t know. Are you annoying because you are young? Nevermind. Next question, did you intentionally learn how to spray water at me from the water bowl?

Puppy: I knew I had gotten you! HAHA. You acted like it never happened. Yes! Score! But I haven’t been able to do it since. It was cool though, you have to admit. I just got my mouth full with water and lifted my face out of the bowl just in time and BOOM a personal water pistol. I got you twice, it was so cool!

Dog: Should we really still be referring to you as Puppy on Mom’s blog? You are as big as me now.

Puppy: I am only 8 months old. So I’m not even a year yet. Once I turn a year old maybe we can just call me Awesome! Dog, your eyes just did something funny. What was that? They all went around, like rolling.

Dog:  Nevermind that. Any final words Puppy?

Puppy: Everyday is an adventure, so get out there and enjoy it. What about you Dog?

Dog: Everyday is an opportunity for a nap, so don’t bother those who are trying to take one.

Puppy: Are we done? Can I eat the microphone now?

Dog: Yes and NO!

Puppy: Yes and no what? I’m confused. Can we play, oh let’s get Mommy to get out our pool!

Dog: You busted a hole in that thing Puppy.

Puppy: She doesn’t know, it’s a slow leak. Come on! Help me bug her! Come on! Come on! COME ON!!!


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