How Awesome…80’s Movies!

I’ve recently gotten into watching 80’s movies. It was brought about by two reasons. First because the world has become a bit of a stressful place for me at this current moment that I’m standing in, and secondly, because recently my friend and I have been enjoying the discussion of 80’s movies.

Now I’ve seen a few 80’s movies growing up, although not as many as most, because TV/movies was the official “boob tube” and therefore time in front of it was limited and monitored to my father’s best abilities. However, a lot of my movie watching delights did take place at my mom’s house.

As I searched through the lists on Netflix I discovered that many of the 80’s movies fell under the “feel-good” and “goofy” and “quirky” not to mention “romantic” and “sentimental” themes.

And as I began watching the 80’s movies, I soon discovered why. Because life wasn’t so flipping layered with stresses, rush-rush-rush, internet, evil people, complicated lives, cell phone craziness! (Of course, others must be feeling the same way, as many 80’s movies have a “long wait” on Netflix!)

Movies had creative openings, some are cartoon flooded with quirky music as they push, drop, drag, and pull the names along the screen. Actors/actresses were not pumped full of collagen, spray tans, or filled with plastic, and there was always that camera-on-the-ground-shot of a person’s legs and feet running out of the way as a car came sliding into the shot. But yes, the outfits were awful! What were we ever thinking!?

Not many movies have this “feel-good” vibe anymore. Couple’s Retreat, and Grown-Ups are the only ones that come to mind of recent years. There was one movie, that very few people saw, called New in Town (yes it has Renee Zellweger in it…sorry, but it’s still really good). So if you are in the mood to see a good, simple movie, I recommend this one. And while you are at it, get some of those other old 80’s movies, get together with friends or your kids, make homemade pizza (not frozen or delivery), make some root beer floats, throw some blankets on the floor in front of the TV, and forget about all that is going on right now and just relax.

For those looking for suggestions:

  • Three Amigos
  • Flight of the Navigator
  • Weekend at Bernie’s
  • The Great Outdoors
  • Summer Rental
  • Lover Boy
  • Mannequin
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  • Big
  • Weird Science
  • One Crazy Summer
  • Beverly Hills Cop (1,2, and 3)
  • Overboard
  • National Lampoon’s Vacation
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  • Can’t Buy Me Love
  • The Toy
  • The Sure Thing
  • Ghostbusters (although it always gave me nightmares)

*Be sure to check ratings for movies if you plan to watch with kids!

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