Ken and Barbie

Her small hands held Barbie tightly in her left, and Ken in her right. She made Ken and Barbie dance around her room, then back to the dollhouse.

She brushed Barbie’s hair, put on her dress and slipped on her heels.

Ken knocked at the dollhouse door. Barbie let him in. She wrapped Ken and Barbie into a long hug, then proceeded to make them kiss. It looked like Ken and Barbie were going to be kissing for a while.

The picture frames on the girl’s bedroom wall shook when the heavy object hit the other side of the wall.

The girl started singing softly as she squeezed Ken and Barbie together, keeping them hugging and kissing.

Soon the girl’s mother entered the bedroom.

The little girl didn’t look up, she just continued to play with Ken and Barbie.

“They seem to be awful loving, an awful lot,” the girl’s mother said through sniffles, as she pressed the ice pack to her right eye.

“They are in love, just like the mommies and daddies on TV,” the girl said, never looking up.


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