New Hat for Writers

I find it hard to discuss my writing, or what I am writing…the craft of writing so to speak. And if you visit my blog frequently you will know I really don’t discuss much about my writing. Even I can find it a bore.

Yet today, an idea come about…so I ran with it.

I wore a “new hat” in my writing…that of non-fiction/essay. (And all my writer friends rejoice! LOL) And while this blog is all essay and non-fiction (expect for my 5-minute fiction), I rarely write and submit non-fiction works to magazines. Why? Well, I do not hold the confidence, or at least that is what I learned today.

But as any person will tell you, wearing a “new hat” can really be beneficial in writing and in life.

Have you ever stepped outside your box, outside your “hat” and had negative effect? Has life ever demanded you return to your “old hat?” Or have you learned something about yourself?


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