Puppy Interviews Dog

Puppy here, and I am ready to thrill you all with my interview of Dog!! You will be amazed!! I will do just as Dog did and set this here, recorder down and let it pick up what we are talking about. As you can already tell I’ve matured and am no longer trying to eat the recorder.

Puppy: Dog, come in here.

Dog: What do you want?

Puppy: Interview time!!

Dog: Okay I’ll bite. You aren’t afraid Mom will find you in here.

Puppy: Nope, not this time. I made her take me to the dog park, for a walk, throw the ball, and give me a bath. Mommy won’t be waking from her nap anytime soon.

Dog: I wish I could take a nap. Go on Puppy, what do you want to know?

Puppy: Don’t you think it is cool that we play train?

Dog: No! You are always the caboose and always have your nose right up in my caboose.

Puppy: I don’t get it.

Dog: Nevermind. Why don’t you tell the nice visitors about what happened to the pool?

Puppy: Oh the pool. I didn’t think Mommy would notice the hole.

Dog: Well when she fills it up with water and it comes shooting out the bottom, I gather she would put it together rather fast that you popped three more holes in the bottom of it.

Puppy: Maybe we should talk about your constant need to bark!

Dog: Just doing my job, but I’m not sure why you have to join in with me, it’s not choir practice.

Puppy: What’s choir practice? Is that food? Is choir a food? Like bacon practice? Oh my B A C O N!

Dog: Anything else you wanna ask me? I’m tired.

Puppy: Do you love me Dog?

Dog: I tolerate you Puppy…tolerate.

Puppy:  Tolerate, is that like love Dog?

Dog: In a way…yes.


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