The Good And The Bad About Being Short

I’m 5’1 and proud of it!!! Yet…there are good and bad things to being short.

Good: Getting to ask hot guys for help with reaching things on high shelves.

Bad: Hot guys are usually not around and so the slightly taller than you, rather pump guy, clumsily helps you out.

Good: Everyone thinks it’s cute that your feet dangle when you sit in a chair.

Bad: Loss of blood flow to all things below your knees.

Good: You are considered “cute.”

Bad: You aren’t considered “sexy.”

Good: You can shop in the junior section, and be like, hip and stuff.

Bad: All they have is Twilight tee-shirts and bedazzled pants. You have to buy normal clothes and get them altered.

Good: You can do that whole “reaching, stretching, I’m gonna fall, catch me” thing.

Bad: You do that whole cliché “reaching, stretching, falling, catch me” thing.

Good: You can divide in the pool where it says NO DIVING!

Bad: Sometimes NO DIVING means NO DIVING!!

Good: Guys must look you in the eyes, and not your boobs.

Bad: Breast implants aren’t really all that special when guys are eye level with your eyes.

Good: You get offered up on guy’s shoulders at concerts.

Bad: 1. You might have to fart 2. Yes that annoying chick in front of you, on that guy’s shoulders, is blocking your view. Because she’s short too.

Good: People want to toss you in the pool.

Bad: Only the drunk ones want to toss you carelessly around in the pool and don’t seem to understand a pool has concrete edges.


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