Why My Brother Is An Idiot

Hey, it’s Dog and I realized I can no longer keep mom’s blog visitors in the dark.

Awesome…is an idiot.

I know, EVERYONE LOOOOOVEEES him. Well you don’t see what I see.

My brother…Awesome(ly an idiot)

Example 1: Awesome couldn’t get into the house from the backyard the other day because an extension cord was in his way. That is correct, he was AFRAID to step over it. So he barked until mom came and got him.

Example 2: Mom built a block wall thing in the backyard, it’s about a foot high. Awesome can’t seem to bring himself to jump over it, so he walks alllllllll the way around it.

Example 3: A few days ago Awesome pooped, then turned around to smell it and almost fell in the pile of his own poo.

Example 4: Awesome nearly swallowed a tennis ball on accident. (Don’t worry. Stop worrying. He got those thrown away and replaced with larger tennis balls).

Of course, even though I find my brother to be an idiot, doesn’t mean Mom does. Nope, she still loves Awesome more than M&M’s in her popcorn and bare-feet. Go figure.


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