Stopping a Magazine Addiction

I admit! I am addicted to glossy, over-priced, air-brushed, gossip stories, and celebrity scandal filled magazines!

I have lost track of how many magazines I have scooped up while in line at the grocery store. Sadly it is not because I am waiting in line forever. Like candy, it seems to be a last minute-weakness of any shopping trip.

I used to check out my favorite magazines at the local library, but that was not the same…feeling. And they never seemed to have the most current issues to begin with.

So why am I trying to stop this magazine addiction? Besides saving money of course….

Because it puts a imagine in my…our women’s heads, of what we “should” look like. Perfection of air-brushing and properly edited conversations, personal trainers, personal chefs, and make-up artists. We are drawn to the gossip and scandal because we need to find an understanding that these glossy chicks on the cover are more like us than we assume.

Yet don’t we have enough “media pushing” as it is? We need to figure out our own self, our own shot at perfection that is perfect and fitting for each one of us, individually.

So regardless of how difficult it is to not reach of one of those glossy magazines at the end of a trip, I manage. I have one subscription, which at a discount is far cheaper anyway, and I leave it at that. One, in my mailbox.


  1. Check out the movie called Miss Representation. It’ll help you kick your habit by showing how the way the media portrays girls and women is negatively impacting our gender. It also includes a positive message about what we can do to support girls and women. Good luck with your efforts!

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