I have never been one for change. Big change, or change I could not control.

As a child I would rearrange my bedroom at least twice a month. THAT change was thrilling and at my level of acceptance. (Of course it caused a few accidents in the dark).

Yet change as an adult is much different.

Who does not like the comfort of the same thing, predictability. We complain that life is a routine, yet we do the same thing over and over again. A friend of my recently mentioned this little bit of knowledge that made me think:

When we are in grade school we had to pick our seat in class for the year and not allowed to change it. (How much we hated that!!! Well I didn’t haha) but when we go to college and are able to sit wherever we want, do we not pick the same seat?!?!? We do!

Habit and change….

A lot of change has been happening in my personal and even, lately, professional life. (Co-workers moving on).

So often we are fearful of those changes, yet don’t we realize (after the fact) that the changes we were so worried about and may not have wanted actually lead us to something better? Something we didn’t know we would like or enjoy (yes I am talking about many things in life…life as a whole). Or maybe we were too afraid to explore?

We can be such narrow-mind, planned and plotted thinkers, yet when we open up to something different, it is often an unexpected joy and brightness. Somehow a ladder that we thought was going up was not. And a ladder we thought was going down or sideways was actually going up.


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