Your Environment and What You Make Of It

I’ve been thinking, a lot, about people and people’s actions and how they choose or do not choose to live life. I have really taken the time to see what is around me, to analyze and focus on it all.

A recent email went out to my entire office, and this was the subject line:

You Gots An Owie???

Does the environment in which you surround yourself with soon become you? This can be any environment, be it your home, who you keep company with, or/and your job.

I’ve currently been walking a new path for ten months now, and at first it was completely overwhelming, and exhausting. I cried constantly, slept very little, and ate very little; I was the thinnest I had ever been in my life. (Co-workers even mentioned their concern). Yet why was I showing the signs of intense stress and fear when I made a choice that was so vitally important and good for me?

The reason was because my environment changed. Regardless of how much you like or don’t like your current environment. You are a hundred percent apart of it and when it changes, for good or bad reasons, you literally feel like you have made a horrible decision, even if you have not.

Yet because my environment changed so did my thought process. My outlook, energy, passion, food, dreams, and goals all switched back to what they originally were, when I had planted the seeds for them as a younger teenager. Why had I allowed them to go off course in the first place? It was one hundred percent a lack of belief in myself, self-esteem, and even the beliefs of others in my environment.

I fully allowed my environment to control me, verses me controlling my environment, hence controlling myself.

What needs to be learned (learnt) (maybe I need to learn which learn it is)…is how to not let your environment control you, as well as to create an environment you want.





  1. For me, your post brings to mind the idea of reacting versus taking action. Often when we find ourselves in an uncomfortable environment, we react (acting without thought) with anxiety, frustration, worry, or we become stuck. The healthier (though not always easier) thing to do is stop and evaluate how we got into the environment and then decide what actions we can take to make the experience as educational or joyful as possible. This requires giving up the idea of controlling everything but your own thoughts and perspective. Think of Nelson Mandela locked away in prison for all those years and throughout the terrible ordeal he stayed hopeful and focused on peace. He refused to give his power away…the power of his own mind. And look what became of his life after prison. From this we learn that by choosing to think and believe that things will always work out for our highest good, we can create the exact environment we want. Good luck, K, as you wind your way along this road of discovery.

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