Awesome Meets Cats

Hi! It’s Awesome!

I’ve been a way for a while, I know you have all missed me, but I’ve been napping a lot.

I figured I would say hi to everyone and tell you that I met cats.

I am not exactly sure what a “cat” is, but that is what Mom kept calling it. Well she blabbed some other long sentence with cat, but I stopped paying attention after “cat.”

These so-called “cat” or “cats” are strange things, they are like boring dogs. I don’t really know what they do other than get really close to your face. I like that though because I like to get close to other people or dog’s faces. I am not sure if they play or not, I was too busy smelling them. I was thinking Mom would be worried I would squish one, especially since the doctor had called me “fat” a few minutes ago.  I think I want to get a “cat” but I heard Mom say that Dog would eat it.


    • I heard Mom had a cat once, it seemed like a rough and tough cat too. So I bet she can imagine how that would go, although I can’t, so just bring Esme over. ~ Awesome

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