Blind Date ~ 5 Minute Fiction

She dug her nail into a knot in the wood table, nearly plucking a chunk out. What a waste she thought, waiting around for some dude. She had no idea what he actually looked like. Those dating sites are never spot on, old pictures, wrong pictures, drinking too much while looking at pictures.

The bright red nail polish on her pointer finger was chipped, the remnants in the knot below. She raised her hand to summon the waiter.

“Yes ma’am,” the gentleman in a gray blazer and khakis asked, standing at the side of her table.

“Why do you have such a large pear…glittery pear that is?” she asked, already a glass of wine in.

The waiter pivoted, looking at the large glittery pear. “Decoration I suppose ma’am.”

“Well,” she said, leaning to look at his name tag. “Todd, I will take another glass of Merlot and that,” she pointed, “pear, and a pen. I need someone to talk to about my day.”

“A pen?” Todd asked.

“Yeah, to draw a face on the pear.”

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