It’s Official, I’ve Become an Adult…Goodbye Adam Sandler

I spent my teenage years and young adult life, like most other teenagers of the late 90’s did, watching Adam Sandler movies. I can’t tell you how many I have seen, guessing almost all of his movies, and I surely do not want to admit how many times I have re-watched many of them as well.

Recently he has had a few titles released that did not look appealing, much like Little Nicky. I figured this was just a phase I was going through.

Well I turned on Mr. Deeds a few weeks back, and as I sat through it, I realized I was not laughing. Nothing that I used to find funny, was…funny! What was going on?

I paused and thought about all his past movies that I had rather enjoyed, only to find that, now, I didn’t find them humorous at all. I thought of funny scenes I remembered, and nothing! Not even a chuckle. Was it the fact that he still has characters that manage to have that fake whinny high-pitched voice in each and every single movie? His stories always had happy endings, he had big named stars, yet I was drawing blanks as to why I found these movies good back then.

I was saddened a bit by my discovery, that I have indeed become an adult and out-grown the comedy that is every Adam Sandler movie. It felt like a passing of an era. Yet like everything else that has been on my path lately, I gratefully pat it on it’s back, thank it, and continue on to bigger and better things.


  1. Our tastes change as we get older. I had a similar feeling watching the original TRON movie. As a teenager I thought it was so awesome. After being disappointed with TRON: Legacy, I watched TRON for the first time in at least two decades. The movie did not hold up very well…

    • I had never seen the original Tron, but watched the new version …I don’t think I would’ve liked the original but usually that is not the case. I almost always like the original movies lol

  2. I watched Mr. Deeds a few weeks ago as well. It wasn’t as funny as I remembered it either. I’ve found that I like Adam Sandler in more serious movies with just a little bit of funny.

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