Obstacles of Being a Writer

There are problems that many…most writers face. While you have to be creative and go deep within your thoughts and open your mind, we stubble upon many obstacles which come with the “job.”

  • Sitting for long periods of time causes one to get hungry, causing mindless eating.

On the other hand…..

  • Writing and allowing your creative mind to flow causes you to forget to eat. This means you will sit down with coffee for breakfast and the evening will come and that was all you had. (Writer’s diet plan anyone?!?)
  • Writer’s block – a long pause in your creative flow causing your mind to “stop” You try to work it out, so you start other projects, leaving your writing….forgotten.
  • As you “try to get” an idea you can become wrapped up in a nap…I mean resting your eyes, or TV show marathon, wasting the day of writing away.
  • Ideas mix, new ones start, old ones fade…leaving you with a dozen half-finished stories.
  • You can write and write and write, then submit and submit and submit….only to get rejection, rejection, rejection.

But on those other occasions and with all the “write” timing, you make your dreams come true.


  1. Write. Submit. Wait. Then, rejection. Yes, it can be an obstacle, but I just read something lovely on author/illustrator, Katie Davis’ blog. In her bio, she says her other manuscripts are getting “rave rejections”. Loved that.

    • I have had many, many rave rejections as well. People who are not in the writing or illustrating field find that to be an odd statement.

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