Things That Perplex Me

Why is there wheat flour in Red Vines?

When someone says “who does that?” or “who says that?” Those have to be some of the worst rhetorical questions ever.

Wall to wall carpet. Makes me think that the carpet goes up both walls. BTW why did shag carpet go out of style?!?

Why do all windows not have blinds inside them? Blinds are the hardest household item to dust.

How come cigarette vending machines disappeared, but soda pop machines stayed? Both are equally addicting and harmful.

Why can our minds remember a hundred different character names from movies and TV shows at a seconds notice, yet we can’t fill our minds with intelligence?

Still trying to figure out why “Mama said knock you out!”



  1. …momma said knock you out. Hahaha! I don’t know why she said that either, but you’re funny. As for some of the other questions: Red vines have wheat flour because most American food products are made from wheat, corn, or soy. Shag carpeting went out because it held too much of life’s grime and made us sneeze. Some windows DO have blinds inside them, but having the blinds stop functioning is as frustrating as having to dust blinds. And regarding soda: It’s only a matter of time before soda has warning labels like cigs. NY’s Mayor Bloomberg may have been misguided in his suggestion to ban XL-sized sodas, but he did start a national dialogue about the dangers of sugar/sugar substitute consumption. And doesn’t it make sense that as we drink more soda our brain function is affected to the point where all it can hold onto is the lighter stuff, like pop culture info? Fun post, Karin.

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