Action Needed for my Brain

I have been out of school for less than two months (received my bachelors degree), and I have decided that all this freedom feels weird. I am rarely using my brain it seems…it also seems that I function better if I am juggling several objects at once. Plus I feel that a bachelors is not going to be enough in life.

When I look back I have been working and going to school at the same time for a rather long time. Now everything seems to have come to this void in my brain (don’t we only use a small percentage of our brains anyway??) So I am thinking that I am using even less, than the less, I normally use! I have not even been writing, and I have more time now. Does that make my brain on vacation since May??

I can tell you, after learning to drive a manual transmission car a few weeks ago, my brain was NOT on vacation!!!

Anyways, I have seemed to ramble on in many different directions than the one intended…does that mean I am using my brain?

SO…I have decided to apply for a Master’s degree (not sure exactly what for at this point). After all I was never one-hundred percent sure about not going back to school. And chances are that I will throw myself back in my writing someway, somehow. And I am sure that once everything feels in the reachable avenues work will turn crazy. I might be crazy, but at least I will be using my brain crazy J



  1. Congrats on deciding to do your masters! I think I took a year off before I got restless and I started my masters. Except I changed from Education, to Business, to Humanities, and then finally, to English, so it took a few years to complete.

  2. A friend and I were just discussing her option of getting an MFA to bolster her writing efforts. She called to ask me to talk her out of it. You see, she suspects that on occasion she’s used education to avoid making big decisions about her life direction. The truth is both of us do quite well with higher education. We listen, we learn, we produce work. Ah-ha…there was the issue. It was as if we needed assignments in order to feel like we were moving forward, making progress, when the truth is successful production can be two hours of butt-in-chair and one beautiful paragraph on the page. I didn’t have to talk her out of it; she did that herself. It was a great conversation she and I had about creativity and art and stimulation of the artist brain. Karin, I wish you the best as you decide how to move forward with a master’s program or otherwise. Sometimes a good chat with a trusted friend can help sort things out.

    • Hi Rhonda,
      I wish it was something as simple as that…however, one can’t make a very stable living on a bachelor’s degree it seems. A master’s should give me the edge, hopefully lol.

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