Creativity…i.e. Blue Polish

I have always had an enormous creative chip so to speak. It can flex in size depending on my mood, sleep, motivation, and environment.  But my creativity is an ever spinning hamster wheel.

I spent a brief amount of time doing craft projects as a child with a distant relative (making Christmas ornaments which I still have a few of). This may have been the extra push which started the wheel really turning so many years ago.

I have always been painting, drawing, building, and creating…nothing of real craftsmanship, more so about the process, the escape, and the skill learned. (I could be found finger painting just a short time ago).

However over the last several years the creativity has really been scratching at the edges of the wheel. No longer is it satisfied with the constant circular motion. This, I believe, is affected by my constant drive to do more, achieve more, make more, and be more mentality stimulated.

Ideas come in and take a few spins on the wheel, sometimes they slip off or decide to take it slow, but every once in a while the wheel breaks right off its stand because it’s spinning so fast. It may not always be about something creative, but possibly about something new, someway to better myself, enhance my career, be it current, future, or in addition to. Sometimes creativity is finding out what you really enjoy, doing what one wants, thinking what one wants, and feeling what one wants.

For now…it was simply mixing nail polish colors to make what I wanted…(they don’t always come out the color they represented in the store). Creativity allows me to mix and match for a color all its own. This time…a shade of blue. My creativity, my color…for now 😉



  1. Great post! I love to mix and match socks. I mean really, who cares if they match? Not me! And I feel all creative when they don’t match.

    Then again, I once tie-dyed underwear. 🙂

    • Thank you Donna….tie-dyed underwear….that’s a first lol. Mix and match socks always work, but usually because I have lost the matching pair.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on creativity. A nice post to read as I decide where I want my own creativity to take me today. Also, I love that Donna wears mismatched socks as a way to express herself!

  3. Beautifully written as always! 🙂 Nice blue polish 😉 Still need to catch up more on your posts, but happy to know you’re doing well, my friend 🙂

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