Tunnel With Many Exits

I love many things about Arizona.

Yet I miss the seasons and opening the windows during the summer months (at least at night).

Growing up in southern California the seasons were mild.

Then from the ages of nine and a half (the half was very important at that age!) to age twenty-six I lived in Washington (state). The state part is always brought up by others when you say Washington, they ask, “Washington state?” There are four seasons in Washington (state); very cold and cloudy/sprinkling, cool and cloudy/raining, mild and sprinkling/cloudy/raining, and warm with chance of clouds and possible rain.

Growing up, where I wanted to live changed year after year. Not to mention after each airplane trip to a new state, or location of the newest teenage movie.

When I moved to Washington (state) with my dad, I was determined to move back to southern California as soon as possible. Then I decided on other states that bordered Washington. Then many years later I moved here to Arizona. A state that was NEVER on my list of places I wanted to live. Yet, here I am.

Like I first mentioned, I love Arizona. It has many positives (and a few negatives).

The point I am trying to make in this rambling post…is that we all have options of where we want to live and where we want to move forward in our future. Nothing is off limits. Making enough or having enough to live in said place is really our only barrier. But just because we have options doesn’t mean we have a clear answer.

The other day my dad mentioned, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” How great is that…thought?!?! It means that we don’t have to stay in one place! Yet where to go next, and if to go?!?! If being able to live in Arizona and experience its beauty has been so unexpected and wonderful, then how great will someplace else be!?! So as you can see, the tunnel of choices (hence life) is full of exits. But what is the “right” exit?

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