Tomato Soup and Frosted Flakes = Dinner

Tonight, dinner consisted of the last little bit of tomato soup and handfuls of frosted flakes cereal. It was one of those days. Had this day happened over a year ago I would have demanded myself to make a balanced dinner or the complete opposite, dessert only. Even Awesome seemed confused by tonight…continuously checking his toy for any leftover dinner food.

I took note of my pale skin, which I have learned to accept as beautiful. (A challenge in an odd way, living in Arizona with skin which burns faster than an egg frying on the sidewalk.) I use to attempt to get a tan, not for myself but for the acceptance of others and to match society’s norm of tan is better (but unhealthy – so contradicting to have a tan model in the sunlight on the cover of a magazine with “Avoid the Sun, Be Cancer Free Tips” and “Look Younger” in bold as featured articles. Really? (Oh right spray tans…didn’t we discover those are dangerous too?)

What else is new/changed/grown…Well, I’ve discovered that Wal-mart has really soft towels (sorry Dad). That I can come home and not turn on the TV the entire night, although I still need it on after a nightmare. That even though I’ve read numerous articles on how sugar makes you age faster (wrinkles), makes your brain “not” as sharp, and aids in weight gain that I still need it DANG IT! That life experiences mold who you are and want to be, as well as discovering and going after what you want. That I lose faith in myself just as quickly as I can gain it back. And that sometimes the best things that happen in life are the unplanned and courageous moments, which open the most wonderful doors.

From wayyyy back when…Awesome and Dog

So while I may have eaten an odd combination for dinner tonight…and Awesome might be having flip-flopping issues on the couch…and Dog might continue to grow more attached to me due to her ever aging doggie self…I have in-fact grown, changed, and discovered new things. Which makes dinner tonight just DANG good and acceptable! 🙂


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