Dear Cell Phone

It didn’t occur to me, the whole comical frustration with my cell phone until the other day. I was texting (I know texting is not a word) I text, HEPA about a million times over the last few days and my phone still insisted that I want to text hepatitis! I kept having to do that whole space, back, space, back thing to get it to revert back to HEPA and stay.

My second comical frustration I have is with the auto-rotate. I do like it but sometimes it doesn’t keep up with me. And other times it decides to rotate if I get one text in while I am currently texting. Or it decides that no matter how I hold the phone it will stay rotated where it dang well pleases.

Third, it doesn’t matter what phone you have or what carrier, everyone must…MUST turn the screen off after they are finished. Be it sending or receiving a text and everything in between…click that button on the side to make the screen go dark. I have observed this in every single person I know.



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