Diet? Smart Choices? Environment? Economy?

Our environment and economy greatly affect what we pay and what is available for us to eat. I won’t get into how the economy has effected the environment and farming (that could be an endless blog post).

Tonight at the grocery store I noticed they moved the organic fruits and vegetables into the middle of the food section. (It used to be off in the corner.) I currently don’t buy many things organic unless they are the same or less than the price of “normal” foods. I like organic products because they usually contain less added artificial ingredients.

Thankfully a lot has transformed in my food pyramid. I would, honestly admit, that the food pyramid for me used to be viewed upside down. With sweets and meats on the bottom (most eaten) with everything else falling into place.

Even with the changes I have made I still lack the “skill” to curb my other poor diet choices. For starters, eating healthy is more expensive (for the most part) than eating cheap. Additionally foods in higher fat and sugar content can feel more filling over healthy foods. And often times cooking something healthy takes longer.

While chicken is my meat staple now (over steak and hamburger), and I have cut out a lot of bread products and upped my greens and veggies, I still have an issue with sugar. And how does one curb those last few “not as healthy” choices? Cold-turkey? Limits per day or week (cheat days)? More alternatives? While I don’t want to cut sweets to a complete zero, I would like to lessen it to a better level for me in the near future.



  1. Yes indeed, sweets clearly are not!
    It is hard for me to limit things, so simply not eating them works best – and then having one or two days a week that I do ‘indulge’ myself.
    As for sugar/salt/fat (i.e. ‘processed’) foods being cheaper… I’m not so sure that in the long run, when one factors the impact on our health from these things, that they aren’t more expensive. Bon apitite

  2. I hate how expensive organic food is. I buy organic milk and potatoes. I’ve heard the pesticides on potatoes are so awful that farmers keep their on potatoes separate from the rest.

  3. Hi, Karin! I’m catching up on my blog reading and had to smile when I read your latest post. I just wrote about food on SYS. 🙂 As for eating healthy and organic, I agree with Greg on the cost. Short term it may seem expensive, but long term good health is worth it. Also, with the extreme drought conditions the big processed food ingredients, corn and soy, will be more expensive this next year, causing cereals, chips, snack foods, that kind of thing to increase in price at the grocery. This is a great time to start eating organic because the prices will be similar to non-organic. Also, if you need tips on what foods are the best to buy organic, check out the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen lists at As for craving sweets or the occasional hamburger, when you do indulge, consider slowing down and really enjoying every bite. It’ll make the moment more about appreciating the treat. Our bodies work better when fueled with love.

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