Substitution – Take One

In my last post I discussed healthier eating. Well, I took what I said and put it to use. I love my sweets, as I mentioned, but I know what I want to look like in 10…20…30 years. Those images may not match as well as I would like on my current path. Plus it’s good to be healthy! So…I started researching substitutions of the “bad” stuff. Today’s search was: BUTTER

I found a few ideas online, and took a recipe, and twisted and tweaked it a bit switching the butter, sugar, salt for other healthier choices. My first take is: Chocolate Muffins, with no butter and no salt and no sugar.

Chocolate muffin, looks great, but lacking sweetness

While they cooked up nicely and were very moist, they lacked a sweetness.

I will continue to work on Take Two of the Chocolate Muffins.


  1. I think the trick is to enjoy these foods in smaller amounts, and concentrate on filling your plate with more fruits and veggies. Denial never works. Besides, chocolate muffins with no sugar are just plain wrong. 🙂

  2. What about using Agave Nectar instead of sugar? Agave Nectar is low on the glycemic index, so it doesn’t give you the blood sugar spikes. It’s very sweet and you may need to experiment with how much to add, but it might do the trick for the muffins.

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