I realized the other day how much Dog has changed in the last year. She is twelve years old now, if records from the Humane Society are correct. (They were not sure her exact age upon adoption).

Dog has always been independent (although she barks out of concern whenever left alone). She is sweet and loving towards those she likes. She will stick to your side like butter if you have a moving box or are rearranging furniture. She has a personality which is “very full of herself,” so to speak. She knows what she wants, when she wants it, and smart enough to remember how she got what she wanted the last time.

Over the last year she has really mellowed out and parts of her personality have evolved.Dog…is happy! Very happy!

Instead of hiding the night away she remains in the same room. Instead of being 100% annoyed with Awesome, she is only 78% annoyed with him and often initiates playing.

About two years ago Dog was having issues eating her food. It got to the point where I was having to feed her out of my hand every meal just to get some food in her tummy. Now, Dog eats with Awesome hovering nearby.

While most dogs in their elder years grow grumpy due to aches and pains, Dog has really turned up the happiness. And even though I know Dog is in her final years, I am thrilled that she is becoming a dog that I once saw so long ago when she first came into my life. I am looking forward to her continued happiness.

Dog…July 2012


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