Helter Skelter – Book Review

First off I must state, that yes I do believe I am the last person to read this book. I carried it around with me for a while, as it was a thick read, and everyone I came across had a comment about it.

Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi with Curt Gentry was a book much like the famous murders it was written about…no real conclusion. I went into this book thinking it would be highly detailed as well as provide answers to this well-known murder case. The book felt like a huge continuation of the main question, why?

I do feel that the authors did not give enough credit or maybe society did not give enough credit to Charles Manson’s intelligence on some level, but was down played and mentioned more as a psychotic issues because of the Jesus profile he wanted. While the black-white war is mentioned, I feel that it was more like Manson hoping another civil war (war between the states) would break out. That part probably got me thinking the most. Would his plan have worked had more murders been committed and more attempts to frame black people? What if these murders and wanting a black-white war was in the present? I cannot read a book and not think of other avenues and millions of tiny questions. Could his “family” have easily gotten away with the murders today?

Overall the book left me with more questions than answers.


  1. I read it years ago, more out of curiosity than for anything else. However, like you, once i started reading it I had more questions and wondered about Manson’s charisma. What did he have that he was able to get other people to kill for him…

  2. My husband read Helter Skelter, but I could never get into it. There’s a whole lot of crazy going on with Manson and his clan…even to this day…and yes, you’re right, it takes a certain kind of maniacal intelligence to pull off what he did. You raise many interesting questions. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

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