Taking What You Have…Special K Treats

The statement of making lemonade out of lemons…well what if you only have a few lemons and some limes?  Then what?! Well you make lemon-limeade right?

Tonight I was in the mood for something, but I had, essentially, a bunch of nothing. So how do you take what you have “nothing” and make something? You open your imagination; pulling from the depths you don’t use often. (Even the hidden spots of your cupboards. You know the spice jar that was knocked over and is hiding behind other spices). And tonight, I did that. With just enough stale Special K left, a touch of butter, and a way to large jar of Marshmallow crème, I made a tasty treat. Does it taste the same as those famous Krispies treats? No of course not, but is it darn yummy!!

Just goes to…discover…that taking what you have to create something new can be a wonderful thing.


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