Football – Obsession and Frustration

I am a true football fan.

I love to watch a good game. Lots of defense and lots of offense. I can go from yelling excitement to yelling madness. In other words…I have no desire to watch the Rams. (This is not their year, last year was not either, or the year before…or before…).

This is the first year that I have not played fantasy football (I played for five seasons). And I can say that I have a lot less stress riding on each pass, kick, and fumble. I am in a pickems’ league, because I wanted at least some football frustration this year besides the normal stressing over my team losing. And they lose a little bit too much.

What amazes me is how much one can become obsessed (plan grocery store trips around games, hygiene around half-time) with a sport that also causes them such frustration.  Often times this “one” is me.


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