The True Definition of…

Is there such a thing as a true definition? A correct definition?

Merriam-Webster defines DEFINITION as: a statement expressing the essential nature of something.

Each of us are individual with our thoughts…definitions. There are many words in which definitions may be different from other individuals definitions, the truth of a person defining a definition….CONFUSED YET?

Take for example, the word, BEAUTIFUL. This word is widely discussed for having multiple meanings, but the same. This word, much like the words: sexy, love, ugly, is very individualized in its meaning from the person who says it. Then you have your straight-forward definitions on words such as: shoe, car, pants.

Therefore my definition of shoe: something your foot goes into, that protects it from the elements and surfaces.

This will most likely match anyone’s definition.


My definition for beautiful: a person, place or thing which makes you in awe of what (all) it provides (gives, looks, intelligence, etc).

This may not match others definition.

What is your definition of definitions?



One comment

  1. What an interesting thing to think about?! As writers, I guess we think about words a lot. It seems to me that definitions are absolutely affected by our feelings. Even words like pants, car, shoe can evoke a memory and suddenly we can see, hear, smell, taste, feel the thing in our own individual way.

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