Awesome Turns 3!

3rd BirthdayHi Everyone! It’s Awesome and it has been a long long long time since I last took over Mom’s blog. What a better time than my birthday! I turn 3 today and I do not feel any older. Dog looks older and by the smell of these massive stinky fumes that come from her back-end I am thinking that is the smell of an old Dog.

What have I, Awesome, been up to that has kept me from blogging more often? Well I have been very busy bothering Dog. I think Dog likes me SOOOO MUCH because she shows me all her teeth like a GREAT BIG SMILE whenever I get in her face!!

For a while I was taking Mom for walks. I try to get her to walk faster or run if needed. Sometimes she resists. So we have taken a break from this for a while.

Back to my big 0-3 today…well I plan to sleep and play with my toys!


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