Behind the Enchanted Easel. Who is Nicole Esposito?

*Originally posted on 5/24/210 at Karin Won’t Stop Talking blog*

Nicole, please give us three artistic words to describe yourself:  passionate, creative, precise 

Does where you live affect what and how you draw?  I don’t necessarily feel that my location really affects my work. I try to create art for children who live anywhere and everywhere…as long as it brings a smile to their little faces 🙂 

What mediums do you use and will you ever switch from using just those? For my children’s illustrations, I use acrylic. I find it works best for me because I can lay color down and build on top of it in a quick fashion. Whereas with oil or watercolor, the drying time is much longer in between applications. Also, I like the vibrancy of the acrylics for my illustrations and the bright and fun colors they provide. I am skilled in all mediums, however and do use various ones for my fine art projects.  

Does your job as a preschool teacher help your creative/artist mind? I do feel that being a preschool teacher for the last 15 years has definitely helped me to become a better children’s artist/illustrator. I spend most of my days with these creative little geniuses who inspire me constantly. I can’t tell you how their little faces light up when they wake up from their naps to see me sitting there painting my newest creation. That is the greatest reward I could ever hope for. If it works for them, then I know I have done some good work!  

How has your bachelor of fine arts degree affected your artwork?  I would say the actual piece of paper with the “degree” on it hasn’t really been too helpful. It is the education that has helped. Although, I have to say, that I swear I was drawing in my diapers so I always had that creativity in me from when I was a child. Going to art school only helped to fine tune what was already there. I once heard someone say that your “gift” is the thing you do best that requires the least amount of effort. I believe that to be true and I believe that I have been given a “gift” to use and I will continue to use it to the very best of my ability. Creating art for children is the greatest “gift” I could ever receive. No degree or piece of paper can add or take that away from me.

Your ark work has a very light and airy style to it. Have you ever thought of doing the opposite?  It has taken me a bit of time to develop my own “style” of illustrating. I don’t think I would change it because it works for me and actually, I don’t ever really give it too much thought. It just kind of flows out of my pencil. I know have many simple shapes in my work, such as circles. I feel this really works for little kids. Simple shapes, bright colors…happy feelings!  

When you start working on a piece, what is the end goal you have for it? That question is probably the easiest one for me to answer. The end goal for me when I am done with a piece is to make a child happy 🙂 simple, but true!  

What is your favorite piece and why?  My favorite piece to date (although I do have a few) would have to be “Alistair and the spy-glass.” This piece came along as a contribution to Illustration Friday (a website which gives a word to illustrators once a week to help creativity) for the word “infinite.” The first thing that came to my mind when illustrating that word was outer space. Then I thought of a little boy and his pet turtle…and voila…little Alistair and his bright red spyglass. I LOVE the simplicity of this piece and the contrast of colors. I am hoping one day to be able to write/illustrate a whole book based on this illustration.  

If you could re-illustrate any book in the world, what would it be and how would you do it differently?  If I had to pick a book to re-illustrate, it would be my childhood favorite “Charlotte’s Web.” How I loved that book as a little girl…and still do. The story was so sweet and captivating to me. I would love to do it up in my signature style and make little Charlotte into one of my sweet little characters. 

To discover more of Nicole Esposito’s artwork or to contact her please visit her at:






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