My Choices for Best and Worst Movies of 2012


Katy Perry – Part of Me

This Means War



Dark Knight Rises

The Artist

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World


Matthew Fox as Picasso in ALEX CROSS


Step-Up Revolution



  1. Haha…I may have to check out Step Up…I have a weakness for hip hop dance πŸ™‚ So great to see you & happy you’re doing well, Karin! Happy New Year!!!

  2. For me, the best was THE AVENGERS. The worst is tougher. I think I’ll say IRON SKY, but only because I had really really high hopes for that one, based on the trailer.

    • Best. Superhero movie. EVER.

      PS I hated The Dark Knight Rises, too. But I didn’t like The Dark Knight, either, so I wasn’t expecting much (I loved Batman Begins, though). Alex Cross looked interesting to me. The first “Tyler Perry film” (although, not technically, of course) that actually want to see.

  3. Alex Cross was a very UN-Tyler Perry film, which is why I ventured to watch it, as I didn’t feel like learning any lessons the night I watched it! haha.
    I thought The Dark Knight was…interesting. The older versions are better, I think.

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