Thoughts on the New Year

That’s right, another post about New Years. Are they not all the same? Things people wish to do, go, and be. Ways to better themselves or their health.

But does a new year, basically just a date on the calendar really make it so goals/objectives have a commonplace starting point?

It goes back to the redundant statement of “after the holidays” “after this or that”. Sure there is a time and place, appropriately, where certain statements make sense. But if a New Year is all about bettering yourself than why do you have to wait until the clock strikes?

What is the success rate of a New Years goal? Is it not quickly done away/forgotten by the end of January or come November pushed into the next New Year?

As a child my father instilled in me that goals, especially at New Years were important. He still will ask me what my goals are for the New Year. And while as a child I made goals in accordance with the New Year, the last few years I have not followed that. First, this takes the pressure of an overwhelming January 1st off the plate let alone the feeling of failure come the end of January. Secondly, setting New Years goals makes, at least me, feel like I can’t make goals mid-year or have to rely on only setting goals with an outcome of starting January 1st.


My train of thought (set goals WHENEVER) allows me to set goals year around and for whatever length I want, based on an immediate need of achievement. I don’t need a New Year to climb my life’s ladder; I just need to place one step in front of me, WHENEVER! 🙂




  1. I like new years…they’re a fresh start, a changing of the guard, a cleaning up and clearing out moment. Not a bad time to make a resolution or set a goal. But, alas, you’re right. By the end of January, maybe February, many resolutions are on shaky ground, many goals have been forgotten.

    As a wise vintage friend of mine often reminds me, every moment is a moment to begin again. So, I’m with you! Treating every day like a new year could keep us closer to our goals for self-improvement and self-exploration. Good luck with all your aspirations for 2013, Karin!

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