Student vs. Writer

As I return to school (Master’s degree) I stumbled on a few student verses writer key points.

Student: Struggling to increase word count.

Writer: Struggling to decrease word count.

Student: Attempting to remain engaged in educational books on subject of major.

Writer: Attempting to absorb as many books and information on the craft as possible.

Student: Staying up late to study, thinking why did I decide to do this to myself!

Writer: Staying up late to work on a manuscript thinking I can keep going, where is the caffeine, I got this!

Student: I have to pay WHAT?!?! for each class!

Writer: I could possibly not be paid for this….ever!



  1. Thanks for sharing this thoughtful, lucid post. I think all writers can relate to the fill-in-the-blank role versus the writer role. It sounds like you love writing, though, and that can be your home base while you assume the role of master’s student.

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