A Writer’s Journey…to be Continued

My writing success has been a slow process (as it is for most). I’d say it matches a caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly. Yet I am only still a caterpillar.

I started writing in 2004. My first piece composed on a spiral notebook during a child’s nap. I have no idea what got me started or why I thought I had any idea what I was doing. In 2005, my first piece, which I had thrown together with a poorly written introduction letter and sent, was accepted by Highlights High Five (published in 2007).

The writer’s world has not come easy on any level. I have worked diligently since I first started. I have given my weekends, my week nights, my holidays and my middle of the nights to writing. Due to persistent issues and stress for a handful of years, I was unable to sleep much. I would wake around 2:00 or 3:00 am and head to the office with Dog by my side and work on stories. I have been lucky enough to receive many personal notes and letters from publishers and editors telling me how close I am and to keep trying. I have signed a book contract, and then later lost it. To date I have eighteen published/accepted pieces to my name. Because of my hard work those acceptances fall in all categories (adult fiction and adult non-fiction, children’s fiction and non-fiction).

So while I am a long ways off from a beautiful butterfly, I am enjoying my journey, and learned immensely from it. It has been a well-earned reward each time I inch closer. For my readers that have just joined my journey (and I thank you) I felt it was important to share that success did not just HAPPEN, it has been EARNED.



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