One Bad for Another Bad?

There has not been any soda pop in the refrigerator for about thee months now. I was a regular soda pop drinker, turning to the famous Zero soda pop the last few months. Since the soda pop has disappeared, I have tried to spice up my bored taste-buds by drinking mineral water, (it’s the carbonation of soda that I crave).

Yet not all brands are the same. Here are three different versions of flavored mineral water:


  • Sparkling ICE – contains 50mg of green tea extract, zero everything but vitamins. It does contain the debated sucralose.
  • Clear American (Wal-mart Brand) –  zero everything, but contains aspartame (much debated to cause memory loss, also in most diet/zero soda pop brands). It also contains phenylalanine which may be an issue in people with PKU. An article on this can be located at Mayo Clinic.
  • Crystal Geyser – zero everything, regardless of which flavor.

It is clear that the healthiest option (containing carbonation) is basic mineral water or the flavored Crystal Geyser. Is a switch really possible or do we always end up going from one “bad” to another “bad”?


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