Finding Your Purpose

2Back in 2002 a book by Rick Warren was published titled: The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth am I Here for? This book is based on the Christian religion, which may or may not fit into everyone’s belief system. But the reason is the same. What is your purpose here? What is the purpose you bring to others? Most importantly what is the purpose you bring to yourself?

I read Rick Warren’s book when it hit its height of popularity (even though I’m not religious) and when I finished I felt that my purpose  was to be frustrated, because the book did not help me understand my purpose. This clearly didn’t make sense. Maybe some of us don’t have a purpose, I thought.

WRONG. Turns out, for most, it takes years to figure out what your purpose is. Your purpose could be simple or complex, a one time deal or a lifetime of purposes. You can be religious, spiritual, a cat worshiper, or nothing at all.

What matters is not when or how you figure out your purpose, it’s how you use your purpose.





  1. Rick Warren… I think I know what his purpose was (he’s kind of fallen out of vogue these days), and it had mostly to do with money and control.

    The likely outcome of the quest for our individual purpose (why am I here?) probably has more to do with how one answers the question “Did god create man, or did man create god”?

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