Review of ACMs – 2013

(I really like his music…but) George Straight-outta tune…auto tone…do something! And then they let him sing…again.

First time I have not been “Blown Away” by a Carrie Underwood’s performance  of “Two Black Cadillacs” (and I love that song!)

“Over You,” is an amazing song, but Hunter Hayes (his songs are great!) should’ve won one of them. (Come on people…”Wanted”!!!)

I’m an on again, off again fan of Brad Paisley…but he totally lost me by having John Mayer perform with him. I’ve never liked Mr. Mayer, from “You’re Body is a Wonderland” (what ? I’m a Disneyland ride?) to whatever schmucky song he has out now.

Ending with Faith Hill and Shania Twain dancing next to each other singing Stevie Wonder…never thought we would see that (those two were pretty heated over beating each other in record sales many years ago).

Band Perry – Done – Best Performance – Best New Song in my book!

Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift, and Keith Urban…one of my favorite new songs.


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