How Much Can One Write in 16 Weeks?

flowers 006I’m about to discover how much a writer (well…me) can…write in sixteen weeks (every writer is different of course). Why? Because that is my main focus while on break from my master’s program this summer.

Sixteen weeks broken down into 112 days, at 2 hours a day puts me at 224 hours worth of writing.

I’m not looking at my 224 hours as a challenge, but more of a desire. I hope I’m able to have days of more than 2 hours and some days with zero hours (I’m on summer break after all).

For sixteen weeks, starting now, I desire to increase my writing knowledge, to create stories of worth, and to wrangle my wild manuscripts.

While I don’t have an answer to my question, I’m sure to find out soon…



  1. I have a month of pure writing coming up soon, and I’m so excited! Usually, I set word count goals for myself, but it can be disappointing to not reach them. So I like your more open-ended approach. Happy writing!

  2. Lots of luck! I volunteer at my daughter’s school, and she gets out in 4 weeks. I’m looking forward to the summer and extra writing time, too!

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