flowers 013I stumbled upon a blog post titled, The Self-Love Challenge on the Cozy Chicks network blog when this challenge posted on Monday. I’m honestly not big on this love yourself stuff, but I figured why the heck not.

So I listed five things I love about myself. Monday, check. I got five.

Tuesday crept up slowly like an unwanted slug and five things….well I put it off till Wednesday.

Wednesday arrived and I put it off yet again.

Thursday popped up and well, I had my own heartbreak to deal with and the last thing on my mind was self-love.

Friday I sat down, and forced myself to write Tuesday’s five…tears filled my eyes from Thursday’s heartbreak and that ended that attempt.

Today, Sunday, I tried to come up with Tuesday’s 5, Wednesday’s 5, Thursday’s 5 and Friday’s 5…

I came up with five more.

My total is 10 things I love about myself, out of what should have been 25. But hey…10 is better than zero 🙂


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