Home Hair Dyes

My first experience with hair dye was in my elementary school friend’s bathroom. I was probably ten or eleven years old and I was spending the night at Little Mo’s (her nickname) house. She had a box of Nice and Easy, some wash out kind.

Many, many years have passed since that adventure. And now…many hair dye boxes later.

Garnier’s latest formula is 60% oil based and available in a short selection of colors.

I found the dye to be rather drying during application, and it was the first dye bottle without leftovers. The after conditioner was the most plentiful out of any dye kit. I did love that it didn’t smell much at all.

There are a million and one $3 off coupons floating around here and there, making it economically affordable since it’s the same price as other dyes.

Not too shabby, but not one I will use again.

The best formula of those doing hair dye alone (easiest to apply) is L’Oreal Excellence Creme. I love the pre-color conditioner and the easy brush applicator. Of course it smells the most toxic out of the many on the market.


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