Day by Day Writing

I would  say that at least seventy-five percent of writers have heard the saying:

a writer should write everyday

Well…is that possible? And is it a good idea?

Most everything is possible, someway or another, so technically it is possible. If you love writing, you make the time.

Yet here is where the “is it a good idea?” comes into play.

Is pushing yourself to write something, anything, after what happens in your life day-to-day a good idea?

Does pushing yourself to write produce quality work?

Doesn’t creativity come from downtime and outside adventures?

For those of you that remember my post back in May that I would have all this extra time to write…well guess what…I have been mostly re-writing, editing, submitting, and researching EVERYDAY. But I have yet to even start on the “new” work I had planned on.

And….that is why I feel that writing everyday suffocates the creative process and the flow the mind takes to get there.  After all, if you are pushing yourself to do something then how can you enjoy it?



  1. I think I come back and produce stronger writing if I have a little break, even if it’s just over a weekend that I don’t write. But, you know, that’s just me! =)

  2. Best not worry about SHOULDS. Many writers swear by the everyday-thing. I think it would depend on what is meant by “write.” First-draft writing every day is neither realistic nor desirable.
    Find your rhythm, then stick with it. That’s what it means to me.

  3. I’m not able to write every day, so I pretty much ignore that advice. I have a full time job which helps pay the bills. I told my husband I want to eventually quit my job, but he’s not ready to change our lifestyle just yet.

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