Never Give Up On a Story

Let’s look at why a writer should never give up on a story!!!

8:56 am – form rejection for magazine story

8:58 am – contract offered for picture book (more on this in the following months).

Two days later…magazine acceptance….

A determined writer is like a this slug...climbing up and up no matter how slow.
A determined writer is like a this slug…climbing up and up no matter how slow.

My manuscript was first sent to a magazine in November of 2009. It came back rejected.

The story I wrote had a limited market of places in which I could submit to.

Over the next several years I worked on revisions for this 500 word story (once a 730 word story). Submitting to only three other places available on my list.

In June of 2013 I submitted it to the last place I could think of…

If I didn’t get an acceptance I was just going to dump the story. (There was little else I could tweak at this point).

And to think I was just about to give up on it! My excitement for this acceptance was different from most. It was a sense of closure almost. Because I was about to delete it and move on.

I have had many stories earlier in my career in which I dumped/deleted. This has taught me that I don’t have any reason to ever give up on a story.

And I hope it teaches you to do the same.



  1. I have “shelved” and “retired” manuscripts. But DELETE? Never- ever. As you wrote, you just don’t know if you have approached the right places/people before, and it will never be “everybody,” no matter how it seems when a rejection comes.

  2. Congratulations! What an encouraging story. I don’t “throw away” stories. I have found that even when something just doesn’t cut it for publication, there have been times where I’ve been able to combine the story with a different idea and pull it off.

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