Mud – the best movie since Stand By Me and The Client

mudI went on a Matthew McConaughey movie marathon kick. While most of his movies are goof-ball comedies, Mud was far different. Think back to his amazing role in A Time To Kill, and recently Killer Joe.

Mud was in limited theaters in the spring of 2013 and went to a quick DVD release (August 6th). I feel this movie should have been showcased in the previews as a young adult movie over an adult movie.

Mud, filmed in and around Dumas, Arkansas and along the Mississippi river was refreshing to the more and more obvious sets and green screens for nearly all movies now-a-days.

Mud was a subtle movie about normalcy, yet displayed in the most intriguing way. It’s been a long time since a so called “slow” movie kept me glued to the screen. I’m finding the best movies to come when the writer is also the director. Mud, written and directed by Arkansas native, Jeff Nichols, is a fairly new name to the entertainment world.

The Texas drawl of Matthew McConaughey and the Louisiana sweetness of Reese Witherspoon’s accent move you into the story like nothing else. Mud uses it’s location as a character as much as any character driven plot movie would.

For those who liked Stand By Me and/or The Client, Mud is the movie for you.


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