Remaking Pfaumenkuchen

plum 005The return of school days fills the grocery stores with different plums…one of them, Italian Plums, is only in the produce section for two to three weeks (if your grocery store even carries them).

As a child my father would hand me a cookie sheet and a ball of dough. I would spend what seemed like an hour, and probably was, smoothing the dough thinly with my fingers over the sheet.plum 002

When I started to make the dessert on my own, I moved to rolling the dough or buying pre-made dough and thinning it a bit more.

plum 003This year I went with the simplest way…frozen pie crust in tins.  While it doesn’t have quite the shape (usually a flat square piece), or the hand worked crust perfection, it is yummy none-the-less. And I have time to enjoy a tradition, and still get the rest of my TO DO LIST done. plum 001


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