3 Things I Learned This Week

Put your lunch on the third shelf in the frig, the second shelf is always sticky.

You know you are not a very detailed listener when you still get lost with a Garmin.

It might seem like everyone has more than you or a better life than you, but someone out there thinks the same about you.

*Cleaning tip: Those reusable straws everyone has in their tumbler cups…well they can get moldy inside from time to time. Fill a glass with water, pour (about 1 ounce) of hydrogen peroxide in the glass, stir with straw and let sit over night. Straw will be clean by morning.


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  1. i enjoyed this. further proof that we can all learn useful things every day. (question: what if *all* the shelves are sticky? then what? door? crisper??)

    1. If all the shelves are sticky, then I balance my lunch on my head until I get hungry.

  2. helenrj says:

    Toddler cups are everyone at my house. I will use peroxide for cleaning their pesky parts from now on.

    1. I use it around my dogs because it’s safe.

  3. mirkabreen says:

    Yup to #1 and #3. Still mulling over #2, when and if I get it….

    1. #2 – I turn too early or too late or if getting on the freeway I merge left instead of right LOL.

  4. saradobiebauer says:

    I wish my Garmin had an angry voice. If she would just scream at me, maybe I would listen better.

    1. Before I got the Garmin, I used Google maps on my phone and that lady would get very disgruntle with me, constantly telling me to make a u-turn! lol

  5. I am now very paranoid about the straw in my travel cup. *shudders* 🙂

    1. I’m still alive (LOL), and my straw was moldy for a few days I’m sure:P

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