A Writer’s Research

sunsets 004I am a writer who researches…A LOT!

I search everything from baby names to trees to candles (bad idea stumbling upon the Yankee Candle website!!!).

I search current market places even more!

Sometimes I have trouble finding what I am looking for or gather incorrect information.

Yet it is when I am using all the keywords I can think of and have to think outside of the box that I stumbled upon the most interesting things possible (for all research).

What research tricks do you have, what websites do you find most helpful? Are there tips you will never share and keep secret?



  1. I don’t think there are any tricks to research, just hard work. I write historical fiction and my research includes online stuff, out-of-print books I’ve located after a lot of, well, research and people who’ve offered to send me photos when they’re visiting the part of the world I’m writing about.

    • Linnea, one of my manuscripts is based on historical fiction for just a very small overview of it and it was a challenge! My time line probably took me longer to figure out than my entire story. I commend you as a historical fiction writer, because it is not easy.
      Real photos help out a lot. I am always taking pictures of things because I never seem to know when I might need them for a reference.

  2. I echo what Linnea says. One thing I found really helpful when I was researching my historical novel was to find public domain books on Gutenberg and download the PDFs. For example, the characters in my novel (based on real people) were only the 2nd honeymooning couple ever to travel to Niagara. It was still a wilderness. I found a travel account by an Englishman published about the same time and downloaded it and had all the authentic details I could want.
    (P.S. I clicked over here from the AW blog thread. Welcome to the Cooler.)

  3. I’m old school in that I do more than Internet research. I actually go to libraries and take out dusty volumes…
    So if you don’t have dust allergies, I would recommend this, in addition to what is now so readily available online. Also- when researching online use both the search and the images functions. Oddly, they can bring different sources.

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