Eaarth – book review (Happy Birthday Dad!)

I  was recently sent a copy of Eaarth by Bill McKibben, from my father. As a birthday gift to him…HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! He asked that I read the book and give a review on my blog.

Eaarth…did not impress the reader in me.

The book starts off as a political ramble, then turns into a depressing mess of how much we (government, people, regulations, factories) have ruined earth to a point that we can’t really fix it no matter what we do.

It’s the same rambling we hear from the news and those around us, not to mention what we already know. However the key elements were not more than touched on. (New emissions for cars, but no real solution on how to pay for them or how to properly dispose of old cars).

Yet to throw a wrench into the “news” of global warming fire, check out this latest buzz on the internet, which claims the Arctic ice cap is growing.

Let’s take Arizona as an example. As I drive around what do I see…carports with solar power on the roofs outside of schools and grocery stores! But… we are also pouring more asphalt down and ripping out grass. WE ARE CONTRADICTING OURSELVES. However Eaarth doesn’t touch on these, (any real changes or faults). If we look at Phoenix’s light-rail, we find the cost to maintain it, the electricity,  and building additional tracks will never be off-set by the passengers paying and will actually not improve the air quality. (Eaarth never mentioned that all the electric cars actually pollute as well…by the electricity you use to charge them).

Eaarth  simply tells us we are screwed. Well the good news is that some are making a difference, and I’ve seen it. (Whether it helps or not in the end). So to Mr. Bill McKibben, we are trying!


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